Fields of Study

1-      Lighting design and technique:

Lighting design is an exciting combination of artistry, creativity and technical expertise; designers often work with theaters, music concerts, circus and dance performances and in film.


 2-      Sound design and technique:

A sound designer works with everything from spoken theater productions to dance, music and circus performances. Students will learn how to use sound effects, sounds capes and music.


3-      Costume Design & Making:

Costume design is artistic, practical, theoretical and explorative. Students will learn to create costumes for theatre, dance, opera, film and other performing arts.


 4-      Scenography Design & Making:

A set designer will define how the stage will look like. Students will learn to create set and props for theatre, dance, opera, film and other performing arts.


 5-     Stage Management:

Students in this field will have a general view of all the performing arts techniques, and the coordination and communication skills, to be able to deal with the artistic team members such as; actors, designers, technicians, producers, directors, and the audiences to make sure everything is ready.


6-     Managing & Producing Cultural and Artistic Projects:

Students will learn how to follow up with the production in general; including the planning process, the need assessment, writing proposals for the projects in order to acquire the needed funds, pursuit and evaluate the production, prepare budgets, work permits and contracts. Moreover, students will be able to manage the expenditures according to the project budget, and write all the needed reports. (Students accepted should have a university degree or a background in Management).