National Networks


1. Palestinian Performing Arts Network (PAN)

PAN is a program that connects 12 performing arts organizations and the Ministry of education in one cultural program that aims to "contribute towards the development of a democratic and pluralistic society that respects human rights and enhances Palestinian national identity".

The program contributes to fostering the social dialogue dynamics necessary for establishing a democratic, open and pluralistic society. it will also contribute to develop the foundations for "enhanced self-expression and strengthened cultural identity in Palestinian society by a vibrant performing arts community. This will be achieved through a wide range of interrelated performing arts projects and activities that mainly target Palestinian children and youth (both females and males), notably in less privileged areas. In addition, it aims at establishing a strong network of performing arts institutions which has a collective voice able to influence official plans and policies based on knowledge and research, and to attract more funding to support arts and culture.


2. Days Of Neighborhood Arts (DNA)

DNA is an informal network initiated by three Palestinian professional performing art organizations (Al-Harah Theater, El-Funoun Dance Troupe and Theater Days Production) that work together towards strengthening their artistic and management capacity as well as the capacity of other artistic groups and individuals in Palestine with a main focus on the young generation.  Additionally DNA works towards a national platform of performing arts promoting the role of arts in education and developing the Palestinian cultural sector in general.


3. National Palestinian Network for protecting Children