Regional Networks

Tamasi Network for performing arts in the Middle East

Tamasi is a formal network of 11 leading cultural organizations working mainly in the performing Arts field in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The 11 organizations are based in Egypt (5), Lebanon (2), Jordan (1) and Palestine (3). The members of the network have been active in their fields for more than two decades. The 11 organizations of the Tamasi network bring together many different forms and audiences towards which ideas of free expression, all expressions, can be addressed. Collectively, they have festivals, performing venues, training centers, theatre productions, youth theatre productions, drama education, large scale events, intimate projects, they work in major cities and in refugee camps, for young people and those  young-at-heart. They use their spirits, their comedy, their tragedy, their stories, and their imaginations to look at their social and political environments and to develop the performing arts fields in their respective countries.