International Networks


Euro-Mediterranean Information Culture(s) . Is a network of public authorities, universities, research centers and non-governmental cultural organizations, which are all located in Europe and the Mediterranean region.  To date, it comprises 29 members representing 21 countries.

The objective of the EUROMEDINCULTURE(s) Network is the exchange and cultural cooperation between performers and artists, distributors, and people involved with culture in countries in this region which makes up a patchwork of artistic identities rich in shared history. EUROMEDINCULTURE(s) instigates projects and cross-partnerships in the performing arts, literature, dance, the audio-visual arts, and heritage. It is also a common discussion forum between the network’s member countries to promote culture in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The missions of the EUROMEDINCULTURE(s) Network are: to make resources available to artists,  performers and distributors, to set up and implement reflection and discussion initiatives, to exchange ideas, and to put partners in contact with each other for artistic collaboration.


2. Voyage de Geste

A performing artists network that was created in 2000 at the initiative of the Presto Co. Subito / Trisunic Association (France) following several European projects in the form of broadcast entertainment, educational exchanges and co-productions.

This network currently associated partners from Belgium, French, Italian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Portuguese and wants to expand gradually to other countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East.



The INDRA is a network for cultural and artistic organizations from different areas in the world.

INDRA is a network of artists, educators, young people and others committed to developing the arts as a resource for peace building.   

It is a group of core, directly participating members within a wider supporting network of friends and colleagues.

The core members are as follows:

  1. Marina Barham - Al Harah Theatre, Beit Jala, Palestine
  2. Mary Lange - ARROW SA
  3. Jeton Neziraj – Children’s Centre for Theatre Development (CCTD)
  4. Isatta Kallon,  Stephen Koroma at Milton Margai College, Freetown.
  5. Urvashi Sahni -  Study Hall Schools, Lucknow, India
  6. Marcia Pompeo - University of Floreanopolis, Brazil
  7. Mekedelia Mercuria - St Mary’s College Addis Ababa
  8. Lucillia Valente – University of Evora, Portugal
  9. Betty Gianouli – Theatre in Education Network Greece
  10. Prof Tim Prentki - University of Winchester, UK
  11. Sheila Snellgrove - Plymouth Barbican Theatre, UK
  12. Lisa O’Neill-Grogan - Octagon Theatre Bolton, UK
  13. Nikki Mailer - Burnley Youth Theatre, UK
  14. Mary Duddy - Fist Act Theatre, Derry, UK
  15. Laura Emerson - Jackass Theatre, Durham, UK
  16. Jill Bailey - Plymouth City Council, UK
  17. Tony Gee - Moveable Feast, UK


4. Anna Lindh Network

The Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) was established in 2005 and brings together civil society organizations from 43 countries in Europe, North Africa and the Near East to improve mutual respect between cultures through dialogue. Co-financed by the member states of the Union for the Mediterranean and the European Commission, the ALF connects over 3000 civil society organizations across the region through its membership network, which is jointly administered by the ALF head office in Alexandria (Egypt) and by a team of national network coordinators.

The ALF network in the UK consists of around 100 members (mostly organizations but also a few individuals), working in the fields of education, youth, democracy, arts, conflict resolution, media, community development, international relations, human rights, diversity, migration and gender issues.

The network enable UK members to connect with over 3000 network partners across the wider EuroMed region and to access a wide range of information, funding and partnership opportunities, providing a powerful means for working locally and internationally towards a more positive common future.