Exchange Projects



The Anna Lindh Foundation is supporting the engagement of a group of young Palestinian participants from Al-Harah Theater, who were engaged in a process of sharing and dialogue with their colleagues in Derry, Northern Ireland in the build up to the Congress in July 2013.

The 2013 Indra Global Congress provided a platform for the expression of groups of young people from existing and potential Indra centres who came together and shared their practice, ideas and experience. There was a wide range of workshop activities, training opportunities, sharing of performances, speakers, discussion groups and social activities, culminating in a shared celebration/performance event at the end of the week. Derry is the UK City of Culture for 2013.


The young people participating at the INDRA 2013 congress created a song called "Happy Accidents":


2)Voyage De Geste:


A two weeks gathering for young artists from Al-Harah Theater and the partner countries to attend artistic workshops in dance, theater, puppet, music, voice, and cultural management and present pieces of work together.

2013 the gathering will take place in Lebanon with support from Anna Lindh Foundation.


3) Teatro dell’Argine


Al Harah Theater is participating at a project called "Acting Diversity". It is a Project of Intercultural Theatre for Political Refugees and Young that will take place from October 1st 2012 until September 30th 2013.


The project is co‐funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue

Acting Diversity is 3 artistic and cultural organizations in Italy, Palestine and the United Kingdom, but also asylum seekers, political refugees, migrants and young people from all over the world.


It is 2 intercultural theatre workshops with asylum seekers, political refugees, migrants and young people who will give life to 2 final shows about such issues as interculture, racism, migration, citizenship and human rights.


Acting Diversity is 3 exchange workshops between professional artists working not only in

theatrical contexts, belonging to Teatro dell’Argine (Italy), Al‐Harah Theater (Palestine), Badac

Theatre Company (United Kingdom) in order to find new ways for Art and Civil Society.

Acting Diversity is Theatre acting as cultural, social and educational tool, useful to foster

intercultural dialogue, active promotion of diversity, for the development of a more integrated,

Democratic and inclusive society.


4) Contacting the World 

It is a biennial international performance project developed by Contact in Manchester, one of the UK’s leading organizations arts organizations for young people. Contacting the World increases the skills, understanding and experience of young people from around the world in a unique theatre project facilitated by the internet.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in an extraordinary process that focuses on exchange and genuine creative collaboration.

The nine-month journey twins UK companies with an international counterpart so each can create a brand new piece of theatre inspired by the work and learning they do with their twin. The new pieces of work are made by completing monthly creative  challenges and responding to the results of their twins challenges. Al-Harah Theater took part in this project in 2009 and 2010 with their performance “Facehook”