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"Born in Bethlehem" Play


"Born in Bethlehem" is a play that aims to revive the Holy Land and reminds you all of its past and its present. It is a play directed to audience all over the world to tell the story of Bethlehem, and it's contemporary, living stones -- the Palestinian people who call Bethlehem "home" every day of the year.

Bethlehem is the city where all the world throngs to during Christmas and the place where pilgrims dream to visit during their lifetime. This Holy City, like all Palestinian cities, has been through great difficulties in the last decade, due to the Israeli Occupation, including military incursions, closures and curfews imposed on the Palestinians. The Holy City where Jesus was born has been neglected by the world. As other Palestinian cities and villages, Bethlehem has been cut off and isolated by the Israeli-imposed division of the West Bank into northern and southern regions, because of the construction of Israel "separation" barrier, known as the segregation wall.

The Palestinian people who cherish life, and who believe in peace; based on justice for all, are inviting you all to come to visit, organize events, and learn more about the different historical and contemporary places in Palestine.

"Born in Bethlehem" is a play about a tour guide who uses two actors to tell the Biblical story in a creative way.

Will the actors be able to continue telling the Biblical story without alluding to the contemporary life of the Palestinian people?


Sami Metwasi

Text Creation

Al-Harah Theater Team

Text Idea - Dramaturge

Sami Metwasi

Text Editing

Marina Barham


Riham Isaac

Mohammed Awwad

Nicola Zreineh

Lighting Design

Mohammed Awwad


Johnny Zreineh

Set Design

Sami Metwasi


Stella Barham


Sami Metwasi

& Traditional Palestinian Music


Ruba Subhi


Johnny Zreineh


Isam Rishmawi


Mega Studio

Production Management

Marina Barham

Poster and Brochure

Creative Ad





 Special thanks to

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation for supporting the Production of the play.


Beit Al-Liqa', Italian Tourist Information Point, Open Bethlehem, Palestinian Tourist Police, Bethlehem TV, Mr. George Sa'adeh, Mr. Mark Khano, Mr. Sriprakash Mayasandra, Mr. Douglas Dicks and Mr. Ramzy Barham.


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