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Yalla Yalla Street Festival 2013

Again, “Yalla Yalla” Street Festival succeeded in creating a colorful atmosphere in Beit Jala, and in drawing smiles on every body's face.

Al Harah theater opened the Beit Jala International Festival For Peace on the 30th of August,2013.

The parade started from the Orthodox Sports Club in Beit Jala, passing through the city center "Al Manshiyeh Square" reaching the new municipality building , the community center in Beit Jala.

Al Harah created 2 more giant puppets to join the giant puppets family. Many performing arts organizations participated at the parade, among which were Baladi Folklore Center dance group, El Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe, Palestinian Circus School, Al Kamandjati Center, Ashtar Theater, Lilac organization, Skinni & Minni clowns group, and many other groups who also participated in the festival.

Al-Harah Theater trainees also took part at the parade.

around 5000 people attended during the parade.

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