“Hetalieh” is the story of Yousef, a little child from the small city of Bethlehem, whose biggest dream is a great bowl of Hetalieh – a traditional Palestinian dessert. Although his parents can hardly afford such luxuries, today Yousef with both his parents are preparing a huge portion of Hetalieh. For some reason, it disappears, and the boy is in big trouble.

Three actors on stage are telling the story using just two colors – black and white. Using wooden blocks, tablets, soft cushions and simple puppets we create the world of Yousef, smoothly going from one place to the other. The performance aims to familiarize the young children with the theater. In the big finale, all audience young and old are invited to join the three actors to prepare a lot of Hetalieh.

The play is based on the original autobiography “The First Well: A Bethlehem Boyhood” by Jabra Ibrahim Jabra.

The performance targets the young audience ages between 3 to 6.

Director: Daniel Arbaczewski

Assistant Director: Nicola Zreineh

Actors: Christin Hodali | Shebli Albau | Rizeq Khatib

Scenography Design: Daniel Arbaczewski

Technician and Set Making: Issam Rishmawi

Accessories and Costumes: Ehab Zablah

Technician and Set Assistant: Firas Abu Sabbah

Story & Text Translation: Mirna Sakhleh

Production Manager: George Matar

Producer: Marina Barham – Al-Harah Theater 2017

Funded by: A. M. Qattan Foundation – The Qattan Grant for Performing Arts 2016 | TAMASI Collective – Sida