What if we were able to control our dreams & to access our subconscious, where the characters we meet & the situations we face transform into memories? What if we had the ability to travel between reality & imagination?
& what if our dreams actually came true? Is it the end of a story or is it the start of new paths to follow? As they say: “It is all about the journey… not the destination”.

Meet Amir & Laila … two teenagers who dream big but think small … or so we believe. They live a new adventure & face different encounters … would that change their lives & what would they choose?

Written by: Samantha Kasar Alice
Translation: Mirna Sakhleh
Actors: Nicola Zreineh | Hanin Tarabay | Ezzat Natsheh | Jeries Abu Jaber
Directed by: Jean-Marc Cava
Movement Director: Noura Baker
Musician: Noor Al-Raei
Assistant Director: Mirna Sakhleh
Set Design: Jeries Abu Jaber | Issam Rishmawi
Set Production: Issam Rishmawi
Costumes Design and Making: Haneen Zawahreh
Technician: Issam Rishmawi
Materials Design: Mamoun Al-Herimi
Production Management: Mirna Sakhlah | George Matar
Produced by: Marina Barham – Al-Hara Theater 2019
Supported by: SIDA through the Palestinian Performing Arts Network