The play is based on a Palestinian folk story about an old man who loves his land so much that he becomes so paranoid by children trying to destroy it. He decides to build a high wall around his garden to protect it from children. Unfortunately Sam’an’s garden suffers and his plants and trees start to die.

 He tries to find solutions but he fails. The children of the village help him find the magic solution themselves.

 The play consists of a mixture of actors with a magical multimedia presentation.

 The play discusses the rights of children, protecting the environment and the relationship between the generations.

  Director                                  Mohammad Awwad

 Text                                        A Palestinian folklore story.

                                                Team of the play

 Animation                              Mohammad Awwad

 Actors                                     Nicola Zreineh

Riham Isaac

Atta Nasser

Sami Metwasi

 Music                                      Selection of International Music

                                                “Lets Play” a song produced by Al-Harah Theater

Technician                             Issam Rishmawi

props                                      ‘Ayed ‘Arafeh

 Production Manager             Marina Barham

 Produced by                          Al Harah Theater