Our Past Projects

1. Gaza Monologues (2010)

 ‘Gaza Monologues’ is a part of a solidarity project with the besieged Gaza Strip, which resulted in producing various theatre performances in different languages over the world. This project was organized by Ashtar Theater, in cooperation with AL-HARAH Theater, Phoenix Center in Dheisheh refugee camp, and other theaters in Palestine, Arab countries and the world. 


2. "Al-Masrah"  (2012)

A Palestinian-Italian project that forms a unique collaboration between "Al-Harah" Theater, "Teatro Due Mondi" from Italy and "Oxfam Italia", in order to exchange artistic experiences resulting in producing a new theater performance, as a tool to create a positive change in the local society.  

Therefore, Wit play has been produced. The idea of the play is based on researching the problems that face the Palestinian youth in their daily lives.

The play was scheduled and  premiered on September 2012 during “Yalla Yalla” Street Festival which is organized annually by Al-Harah Theater.

This project is funded by The European Union 


3. The EuroMedInCulture Art Forum (2011-2013)  

The Project was initiated in May, 2010, by the ADCEI (Marseilles, France), in partnership with 9 members of the EUROMEDINCULTURE Network, from 9 different countries;

 4 European countries:

 Bulgaria, France, Germany and Slovenia

5 Mediterranean countries :

Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia.

This project consists of organizing Euro-Mediterranean meetings for artistic and cultural cooperation, “ARTS’ FORUM” over 3 years in 3 countries:

  • 2011 – TUNISIA – from the 8th to the 10th of December
  • 2012 – JORDAN – from the 4th to the 6th of November
  • 2013 – FRANCE – in March


“EUROMEDINCULTURE(s) ARTS FORUM”  brings together different artists and cultural professionals from the different countries participating at the forum, to discuss different issues and problems, create artistic shows, create new communication chances, and to benefit from different ideas for different cultures.

All that leads to a cultural-artistic cooperation to be implemented in Europe and the Mediterranean areas.


It has received co-funding from the European Union (Culture Programme: cooperation projects with third



4. Contemporary Arab Dramaturgy Project (2011-2013)

It is a 2 years project, which main goal is the development of the wealth of Mediterranean culture and promotion of the dialogue between these cultures through the promotion of a durable cultural collaboration between communities and the promotion of richness of its culture.

It started in 2011 and ended in 2013

The project is a tool for young artists, writing for the stage. It implements a prospective work of dramaturgic texts with young artists; it supports the staging and theatrical production of companies; it promotes and spreads texts and performances throughout the Mediterranean basin and Europe.

To translate, edit, and spread these works, it will allow the Mediterranean public as well as the public in northern Mediterranean countries to see original creations meets a cultural stake but also one major political issue: the way to bring Europe and the Arab world closer.

This is why this project was part of a European call for projects (ENPI Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean). Système Friche Théâtre joined together with SHAMS (Beirut, Lebanon), Al-Harah Theater (Beit Jala, Palestine) and El Teatro (Tunis, Tunisia); the partnership is to be extended to other countries: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, and Syria.

Thus, based on the tremendous creativity potential in these ten countries, we hope that this project might be a real opportunity for the emergence of a new way of writing drama, bearing the questions of Arab society today as it undergoes major change as concerns sexuality, freedom, labor, justice, religion, and more widely as concerns Arab ‘identity’ today.


4.Funoun for All - Artistic partnership for cohesive society

   “Funoun For All” project was launched on the 3rd of March 2016 as a joint initiative of Al-Harah Theater/ Beit Jala as the leading organiziation, El-Funoun Dance Troup/ Al Beireh, Al-Kamanjati Association/ Ramallah , and supported by the European Union. This project will be implemented during a period of 19 months. It will include organizing various artistic events in theater, Music and Dance, in different cities in the West Bank and Jordan.

In this project we work hand by hand to raise the awareness of the importance of culture and arts and that it is a right for everyone in the society. We also work on activating cultural exchange programs between Palestine and European Union countries, this project have many artistic activities including: An international theater festival, music festival, many music performances by Al-Kamanjati Association, street carnivals by Al-Harah Theater in many areas in the West Bank, in addition to performances by El-Funoun Dance Troup in Palestine and Jordan.

 Art is a right for everyone

This project is funded by the EU