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"Looting of Paradise" play
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"Looting of Paradise" play

Al-Harah Theater Organizes "Al-Harah Ramadan Nights" starting from Thursday 16/6/2016 until Friday 1/7/2016 at Al-Harah Theater Studio, Beit Jal, Iraq Street:

Friday 24/6/2016 - "Looting of Paradise" play - Tickets 10 NIS

“Looting of Paradise”

The origin of human defeat is when man killed another man for power and strength, Humanity moved away from the earth and headed towards the sky, the earth Ishtar is the origin of the story and the origin of mankind, the children gave up their mother for the mirage of the sky and on their way they killed each other.
"Looting of Paradise" for Khaz'al Al-Majidi, displaces the lid that is sacred and asks the audience to return to the earth, "come back to Ishtar you are from Ishtar and will stay". Ishtar says about herself: "I am the first and the last. I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin ... I am the barren one, and many are her sons ... It is my husband who bore me; and it is I who am his mother. And it is he who is my father and my lord. (Taken from Ishtar’s Mystery for the Syrian writer Firas Al-Sawah)

Director: Rana Burqan
Text Adaptation: Rana Burqan based on the play “Looting of Paradise” for the Iraqi writer Khza’al Al-Majidi
Actors: Sasha Asbah Omar Khatib
Yazan Yacoub
Scenography: Jeries Abu Jaber
Costumes: Haneen Zawahreh
Sound Design & Technician: Mohammad Karajah Jad Shaheen
Light Design &Technician: Mohammad Rawashdeh
Multimedia: Shayma’ Awawdeh
Artistic Supervisor: Nicola Zreineh
Academic Supervisors: Marina Barham Farirouz Nustas
Muath Jubeh Taha Rahhal
Aisha Afifa
Stage Manager: Jeries Abu Jaber
Production Manager: George Matar
Special thanks: Ashtar Theater Issam Rishmawi
Atallah Tarazi The child Irene Matar
Rizeq Al-Khatib
This play was produced within the graduation project of group of students at Al-Harah Performing Arts Training Center – PARC.

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