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"Waste Container" play in Nablus

Al-Harah Theater will perform "Waste Container" play on Friday 24/2/2017 at 6:00 pm at Al-Madina Club - Nablus.

"Waste Container" 
Writer: Talal Nasr Al-Deen
From ashes life blooms, between the trash there is a hidden world, there is the king of the landfill who is still holding on no matter how hard life is on him, and there is the young man who is giving up from the first challenge, Landfill is a black comedy script for the Syrian writer Talal Nasr Al-Deen, talking about the Arab and Palestinian reality, exposing the hardship of life and the flows of the Arab governments.
Director: Firas Abu Sabah
Production manager: Yazan Al-Zubaidy
Stage management: Jehan Rizqallah
Sound: Mike Massad
Lighting: Nour Al-Shareef
Set Design: Mohamd Al-Raee
Costume Design: Sumod Karaja & Jehan Rizqallah
Actors: Aws Al-Zubaidy & Munther Bannourah
Artistic Supervision: Nicola Zreineh
Technical Supervision: PARC Teachers & Issam Rishmawi

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