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"Lause & Santa Clause" Play

Lause & Santa Clause

Grandma Santa Clause is becoming old and unhealthy. Christmas is approaching and Grandma wants to train her grandson, Santa Lause how to make the toys and gifts requested by the children this year from Santa Clause, who is traveling around the world to collect all the letters and send them to Grandma Santa to prepare the gifts.

She wants to teach Lause all the basics and secrets of the Kingdom of Santa Clauses, to prepare him to be his successor. But Lause is a naughty child who does not like reading; he just wants to play with the factory machines immediately without learning how to use them.

Naughty Lause keeps irritating his grandma and disturbing her work. So, he falls in troubles. However, the fairy with her magic stick comes to help Santa Lause to solve his problems ... Let’s see if she can?


Director:               Nicola Zreineh

Actors:                 Mirna Sakhleh                       Christin Hodali            

Ala’a Abu Gharbieh              Atta Nasser

Text:                     Mirna Hodali                         Suha Kunkar

Technician:           Issam Rishmawi

Props & Costumes: Fairouz Nustas

Production Management:

Marina Barham                     George Matar

Produced by:        Al-Harah Theater 2011

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