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“Masks – Generations” Street Performance

Al-Harah Theater is hosting "Masks - Generations" street performance for Anderson Theater from Poland within The International Children and Youth Theater Festival "Yalla Yalla" 2017, on Sunday 2/4/2017 at 3:30 pm at Bethlehem Streets during the Street Carnival "Yalla Yalla".

The show is targeting all ages.

“Masks – Generations”   Street Performance

“Masks – Generations” is a street performance targeting all ages using four large puppets interacting with audiences at the street. 

Anderson Theater

Andersen Theater is a professional theatre for children. For over 63 yearsit produces: puppet performances, musicals, dance theatre, street actions and other forms of performing arts.  Cooperated with international artists from Turkey, Norway, UK, Austria, Indonesia and with Yes Theatre from Hebron (Palestine). 

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