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“Home Sweet Home” Play

Al-Harah Theater is hosting "Home Sweet Home" play for Beit Byout Team from Palestine within The International Children and Youth Theater Festival "Yalla Yalla" 2017, on Thursday 6/4/2017 at 12 pm at The Latin Patriarchate School - Beit Jala.

The show is targeting children from 6 years and older.

“Home Sweet Home” Play

“Home Sweet Home”, a puppet performance adopts the misery of a 7 years old child whose rejected by the other children because of his physical disability.

His mom tries to help by leading him to popular Palestinian stories in her old book. He travels magically to wonderland and gets help by popular characters.

​Lets join them to see if together they ​can transcend obstacles and find a perfect solution.

Beit Byout Team

A young professional theater group founded in 2016 by a group of young artists specialists in different theater fields. They used puppet theater to revive some of the cultural heritage in order to tour with it inside Palestine, the produced their first show last year titled upon the name of the group which they performed in Palestine and India.  

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