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"As The Sun Fell" Play in Haifa

Al-Harah Theater & Khashabi Theatre invite you to attend the performance of "As The Sun Fell" play on Friday 18/1/2019 at 8 pm at Khashabi Theatre, Haifa.

For purchasing tickets and reservations you may call our box office at 00972 522118183
Hours: From 11:00 until 17:00, in days of events: from 11:00 until performance starts.
Box office and cafeteria open one hour prior to performances

* Performances begin at the advertised time; latecomers will not be admitted.


“ As the Sun Fell ”

A Dramatic Legend

The legend tells the story of a father waiting for his son who ran away years ago to return back. The father lives in the hope of his son's return every day and involves everyone around him in a state of waiting; his disabled son and the neighbor's daughter, who devoted her life to caring for her blind brother, who is promised to marry his absent son when he returns.

One day a strong storm blows over the town, the sea rages and the waiting falls. 

The heroes of this dramatic legend are ordinary people through which Mu’taz Abu Saleh, Bashar Murkus and the team of the play dismantle the myth of waiting.

Text: Mu’taz Abu Saleh

Dramaturge & Director: Bashar Murkus

Actors: Mahmoud Awad           Nicola Zreineh          Mirna Sakhleh           Mohammad Basha

Scenography: Jeries Abu Jaber

Light Design & Technical Director: Issam Rishmawi

Technical Assistant: Firas Abu Sabbah

Production Manager: George Matar

Producer: Marina Barham – Al-Harah Theater 2017

Funded by: Sida – through Palestinian Performing Arts Network


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