Hanin is a little girl who challenges obstacles and difficulties, during a discovery trip to find answers to several questions she had after losing her grandfather and experiencing loneliness.

 Hanin is trying to send a message to children not to give up their dreams, but to hold on to hope.  Hope to achieve their goals to reach a better future and develop a leadership character confident of its decisions, despite all the challenges and difficulties.

 “Hanin El Bahar” was based on the method of devising and improvisation by a team of five actors who sing live on stage.

 The play was opened on the 9 April 2005, at Backa Theatre in Sweden. The team completed a tour of 31 performances in theatres and schools in Sweden.  It was rated the highest sold play at Backa Theatre.  Several newspapers, TV and Radio reports covered the performance and the tour in Sweden.


Raeda Ghazaleh


Team of the play


Raed Abu Harthiyeh

Ruba Subhi

Laurence Plumridge

Rolf Holmgren

Bosse Stenholm                                           

Riham Isaac                                                 

Sami Metwasi

Fuad Hindiyeh                                            

Nicola Zreineh

Music played by

Raed Abu Harthiyeh


Bosse Stenholm

Set, Accessories & Costumes

Hanah Shutz

Marketing in Sweden

Anna Lee Erikson

Production Management

Marina Barham

Anna Lfgren


Al-Harah Theater – Palestine

Backa Theater – Sweden

The Production and tour were funded by Dramatic Institute/SIDA –Stockholm