Three actors, present different types of disability (physical, mental, visual, hearing and speech disabilities), each of them show their daily life obstacles with the surrounded community.

Each character shows his suffering by a monologue that explains his daily life problems and challenges. Each monologue includes a theatrical scene presented by other actors using paper puppets and masks.

Comedy is used in the play to help deliver the message to the audience, and to help them understand the idea and message behind the show.   

A post-performance workshop takes place to discuss the play and the importance of setting regulations that protect the rights of people with disabilities.

Artistic supervision             Raeda Ghazaleh                 


Nicola Zreineh/ Atta Nasser

Mirna Sakhleh

Abeer El Masou

Script                              Team of the play

Music                               international selection

Technician                         Issam Rishmawi

Studio recording                 Radio Mawwal Studio

Production Management      Marina Barham

Produced by                      Al Harah Theater