How terrible it is that some has to die before they have even turned ten – how can this be?   Queries and thoughts come to mind and sometimes haunt us without finding any answers that can convince our minds and hearts.

 The Brothers Lionheart is a novel for Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren.  The story takes us to an imaginative world, to Nangijala.  The brothers Shams and Majd take us through a journey that looks real but it is not real,  similar to reality but too far from reality.  We will live with them in Nangijala,  in time of legendary heroism, adventure and scarifies, resistance and betrayal, defeat and victory.

 Will we find some answers during our journey with them?  Is this the end or a beginning?

Directed: Nicola Zreineh

Directing Idea: Eid Aziz

Adaptation: Ibrhaim Mhanna

Dramaturge: Nicola Zreineh, based on the Novel of “Brothers Lionheart” for Astrid Lindgren

Actors: Amjad Hashem, Atta Nasser, Christin Hodali, Mirna Sakhleh

Scenography: Yazan Ghareeb

Set Production: Yazan Ghareeb, Issam Rishmawi

Technician: Issam Rishmawi

Light Technician: Firas Abu Sabbah

Sound Design & Music: Lubna Warawra

Producer: Marina Barham

Production Management: George Matar

Supported by..

Palestinian Performing Arts Network