Grandma Santa Clause gives her two grandchildren “Lause” and “Lause” certain duties to assist her in preparing the Christmas presents for children. “Lause Hilo” runs to complete these duties perfectly using his full capacity in technology and his personal iPad. On the other hand “Lause Mor” is a lazy Santa child; will he finish his responsibilities? How  will his grandma react? How many gifts need to be prepared? How will everyone cooperate to get out of this crisis?

 Directed by:                  Nicola Zreineh

Actors:                          Mirna Sakhleh                       Atta Nasser 

                                    Christin Hodali                      Ala’ Abu Gharbieh

Text:                             Suha Kunkar

Technician:                     Issam Rishmawi

Production  Management:  Marina Barham

Shows organizer:              Sabrine Mukarker

Produced by:                  Al-Harah Theater 2012