Farah, is a six year old girl worried about  her first day at school, but when she goes to school she meets new friends. this help her break her fear, and she becomes a happy social child who helps all her class mates.

The “Yalla Farah” show includes a collection of songs, dances and competitions that encourage children to interact with the show.

The show aims at enhancing children’s confidence, freeing them physically and psychologically from any inhibitions or frustrations that prevent them from participating in a group. Through the story of ‘Farah’, the children learn different educational lessons about principles positive social values.

 The show includes new songs, created especially for children by Al-Harah Theater.

 Several institutions working with children requested this show to enable them to get children out of the state of trauma and fear they have been living.

Performers: Mirna Sakhleh, Atta Nasser, Christin Hodali

selected music, songs from these albums :

Al- Harah Theater Album. Lyrics, Music, Vocal: Sami Metwasi and Al-Harah Team

Holy Land Trust (Remember The Innocents album)

Marah children’s songs by Suhail Khoury

Toyur Al Janneh kids Channel

Scenography: Fairouz Nastas

Technician: Issam Rishmawi

Production Management: Marina Barham & George Matar

Produced by: Al-Harah Theater 2012