Based on the book: “Diaries of a Besieged Woman” – short stories by the Palestinian writer Sama Hasan.

A closed place… everything inside is besieging us

Fear, choke, darkness… everything inside is pressuring us

No one is able to breathe … the air was cut just like the electricity

In the veins… there is no more oxygen left

Blood is not able to circulate from the heart… to the lungs

We are suffocating… while dreaming about the sky

We are slowly dying… while being under the siege

But who really cares about us? Who really knows about us?

We live in a big prison and its ceiling is the sky

The Artistic Team:

Dramaturgy and Directed by: Mirna Sakhleh

Actors: Rezeq Ibrahim |Munther Bannoura |Mariam Basha

Scenography and Costumes Design: Ali Obeid

Costumes Making: Ali Obeid

Scenography Making: Mazen Musa

Sound Design: Rashid Al-Khatib |Yara Assi |Ward Daoud

Scenography and Costumes Supervisor: Fairouz Anustas

Technical Supervisor: Issam Rishmawi

General Supervisor: Nicola Zreineh

Production Manager: Georgette Rizqallah

Produced by: Al-Harah Performing Arts Training Center – Al-Harah Theater 2018