The play focuses on the demolition of the water cisterns by the Israeli occupation in Palestine, in addition to the restrictions imposed on the marginalized rural communities and the challenges arising in these areas. The play addresses the actual need for solidarity to face the practices carried out by the Occupation, highlighting the importance of the role of women in this daily struggle.

The play also focuses on the importance of the role of international institutions such as Action Aid in stabilizing the presence of people in these areas and supporting them financially and morally.

Director: Mohammad Eid
Text: Ibrahim Mhanna
Actor: Elias Salameh Osama Al-Azzeh Samah Mahmoud
Costumes: Haneen Zawahreh
Lighting design and Technical director: Issam Rishmawi
Production Management: George Matar
Produced by: Marina Barham – Al-Harah Theater 2017
Supported by: The Italian Cooperation in cooperation with Action Aid Italy
Implemented by: Action Aid Palestine