Yasmine is a human rights activist who hosts a TV program at her house.

During her birthday party, Yasmine gets shot which transforms everybody’s life.

Yasmine’s family members struggle in different means to rescue her. People from outside HER family intervene while matters become more complicated, thus instead of saving Yasmine they grow more interested in leaving her in her current situation.

So what would happen to Yasmine? Who is Yasmine to each and every one of us?

Vision and Directed by:                    Iman Aown

Actors:                                    Nicola Zreineh              Bian Shbeib

                                                Mohammad Eid           Riham Isaac

                                                Iyad Hourani                Hanin Tarabay

                                                                   Atta Nasser

Stage Manager & Technician:                              Mohammad Ali

Bridge Design:                         Gary English

Administration:                       Edward Muallem                   Rula Giacaman

Zeina Mabrouk            Nael Besharieh

Produced by:                           Ashtar Theater & Al-Harah Theater 2011

Supported by:                         Rosa Luxemburg Association

Special Thanks:                       Dr. Khalil Nakhleh       PNGO

Ministry of Planning    Massader

Bisan                             Lacs

Dr. Nidal Tbeileh                   Salam Hamdan

 Sami Abu Roza.