Six actors portray six women with disabilities in Sweden and Palestine living under drastically different conditions. The one whose life suddenly got color when she became blind. The one whose husband came home on her birthday and told her he had someone else. The one who was supposed to never leave the house. The one who thinks the funniest thing in the world is when people tripp over and hurt themselves.

“Making Senses” is a play based on interviews with women with different disabilities, cultural backgrounds, ages and identities from Palestine and Sweden. It addresses issues of gender and disability in both cultural contexts. A funny, sad and deviating play presented in four languages, full of stories with perspectives we usually do not meet on theater stage.

 Main Director:      

Raeda Ghazaleh


Johanna Salander


Gustav Tegby


Atta Nasser, Camilla Björnehall, Jonas Ek, Mirna Sakhleh, Sara Ahlberg, Sharihan Hadweh


Sofia Stattin          


Karin Ågren           

Set production:    

Issam Rishmawi


Issam Rishmawi & Eskil Lövström

Music Editing:     

Lubana Warawra


Agnes Branting, Elinn Bolonassos, Marina Barham

Project Management:    

 Ingunn Grande  Marina Barham

Production Management in Palestine:       

George Matar

Coproduction between Ogonblicksteatern & Al-Harah Theater

Thanks to..

Anders Öhberg (for starting the project)

Elfrida Bergman (for inspiration and for her work about women with disabilities in Palestine)

Shatha Abu Srour for her help in the project

Anna Rålin (as expert of sign language)

Sabrine Mukarker for interviews with women in Palestine

Nicola Zreineh – Mansour Salti

The Bethlehem Arab Society for Physically Disabled

The Union of People with Disability

Dr. Mario Meinori

Funders and Supporters:

The Swedish Institute

The Swedish Cultural Council

The Westerbotten Region (VB-rigionen)

Umeå 2014 (European Cultural year council)

Tamasi Collective/Sida

Umeå Teaterförening

Sveriges Författarfond/ The Swedish Writers Foundation


HSO/ The Handicap Union


Anna Lindh Foundation

Umeå Legend Club

Synrehabiliteringen in Umeå

Norrlandsoperan and MADE festival

Bookcafé Pilgatan in Umeå

The Theatercafé in Umeå

Dare to dance

UNIK (Unga Nya I Kommunen)/ Young New In the Municipality

Umeå hjälpmedelscentral/ Umeå Habilitation Center