Alone we Stand:  A project initiated by Al-Harah Theater in partnership with Teatro Dell Argine and Oxfam Italy in 2013.

 All are invited to the press conference to launch the result of a research conducted by Al-Harah Theater in cooperation with Dr. Rima Ghrayeb, on the issue of single women over 30 years old (Widows, Divorcees and unmarried) in Palestine.  How are they treated and seen by the Palestinian Community?  What are the obstacle and challenges facing them.  A Research study that took more than 4 months in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

 Women organisations, NGOs, Human rights organisations and other civil society organisations are invited.

 The research results will be distributed in Arabic, English and French.

 A play called “Shakespeares’ Sisters” was created by Al-Harah Theater based on real stories collected through the research.  The play is touring at the moment in the West Bank, Jerusalem and in the Golan Heights.

Shakespeare’s Sisters

Samira is a forty years old university professor who lives alone in her own house. She dedicates her life to teaching and research in the field of literature. One night, Samira finds herself in front of another woman who raided her home in what seemed like a nightmare. Nisma is a rebellious woman who has many personal dreams and ambitions in fashion design. Nisma lives for short while at Samira’s house, but she turns her life upside down! Nisma, the adventurous young woman, leads Samira and other women on a journey to discover a different life style, which does justice to a woman and gives her natural right to live in equality and justice.

Where do Nisma and Samira reach in this new world?


Pietro Floridia


Pietro Floridia

Arabic Text Dramaturge: 

Mirna Sakhleh


Adeeb Safadi 

Mirna Sakhleh 

Raeda Ghazaleh

Reem Talhami


Gabriele Silva 

Photography and Video making: 

Fulvio Rifuggio


Fairouz Nustas 

Set production: 

Gabriele Silva 

Issam Rishmawi 


Issam Rishmawi 

Firas Abu Sabbah 

Music Selection: 

Pietro Floridia

Produced by: 

Marina Barham

Project Management: 

Marina Barham 

Marta Scalvini

Production Management: 

George Matar

Project Researcher: 

Dr. Rima Ghrayeb

Translation of Research Materials: 

Marina Barham 

Mirna Sakhleh

Translation of Italian text to Arabic: 

Issa Sakhleh

Translation revision: 

Younes El-Bouzari

This project in partnership with: 

Teatro dell’Argine/ Italy 

Oxfam Italia

Funded by: 

The European Union

“This play is produced with the assistance of the European Union. The content of the play is the sole responsibility of Al-Harah Theater