Our lives on the planet go on within a certain routine, and are governed by a law which is much bigger than all of us … Sometimes laws of nature mingle with man-made social systems to control details of our daily lives and get us lost in the dilemma of the “natural and unnatural”.

What is the relationship of time to us and in our lives … Almond trees blossom in the spring … We pick grapes in the summer … We press olives in autumn and oranges ripen in winter … then the spring brings almonds. Is this the natural cycle of life? Humans came to this planet in the same way as other creatures … The male and female are paired to create a human being or any other creature. The union of a man and a woman makes a new baby on this planet to grow into a man or a woman, and life continues at this pace.

It sounds simple biologically, but in fact it’s complicated, very complex, and controlled by many of the man-made social constructs. Would we stop living our lives when what we expect does not happen naturally?

The play presents two important stages in the lives of two families of different ages, backgrounds and composition, but united in sharing the same predicament … How do reproductive difficulties affect their married lives and their psychological state?

These difficulties put them at a crossroads … Where do they go?

Director & Dramaturge: Raeda Ghazaleh

Text: Mirna Sakhleh

Assistant Director: Firas Abu Sabbah

Actors: Hazem Al-Sherief | Faten Khoury | Nicola Zreineh | Nisbat Serhan

Scenography & Costumes: Fairouz Nustas

Scenography production: Issam Rishmawi | Fairouz Nustas

Stage Manager &Technician: Issam Rishmawi

Music Selection: Firas Abu Sabbah

Producer: Marina Barham – Al-Harah Theater 2014

Production Management: George Matar

Scientific Research: Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit University