Franz Kafka

 This play is a vision of Franz Kafka “The Metamorphosis”, as Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.  He struggles to keep his relationship with his family despite his transformation and preserve his human side.

 The play explores the conflict between humanity and animality.  It uncovers the struggle to preserve the humanity of individuals despite the pressures of life and the difficult living conditions.

 Trying to escape from the labelling of people or individuals, transforms human beings to become animal like and struggle to preserve what is left of their humanity inside them.

Writer                                      Franz Kafka

Director                                   Pietro Floridia

Assistant Director                   Alicja Borkowska

                                                Giulia Franzaresi

Actors                                     Sami Metwasi     

                                                Fuad Hindiyeh

                                                Adham Nu’man

                                                Nicola Zreineh

                                                Raeda Ghazaleh  

                                                Riham Isaac

Scenography & Lighting                   Gabriele Silva & Issam Rishmawi

Sound Technician                    Issam Rishmawi

Props                                                 Tatiana Foschi

Production Management                   Marina Barham

A co-production between Al-Harah Theater, Palestine & Teatro dell’ Argine, Italy

Thanks to:

Mario & Daniela Meinero, Friends of Al-Harah Theater in Italy, The Dramatic Institute/Sida