Many fairy tales talk about the idea of the journey that the hero of the story takes through a default passage to discover a certain virtue at the end of it.

Our journey searching for fear was with the Grimm brothers and their fairy tale of “the young man who went to learn about fear”.

We conducted workshops with groups of Palestinians youth from different districts, researching the forms and sources of fear they face in their lives. The theater team then using the results of these workshops started the improvisation and devising period to create the different stages of this journey.

Atta is a young man who spends his time in his room reading, believing this is the only way for learning. Atta has never been exposed to any situation that he experienced fear or the meaning of the word. As a result he decides to take a journey looking for fear. Through this journey he faces several situations and experiences through which he discovers what is fear.

To know fear means to overcome it in one way or the other.

Co- directed by: Raeda Ghazaleh / Palestine – Alberto Grille /Italy

Assistant director: Riham Isaac

Text: Team of the play

Dramaturg: Wael Qaddour

Actor: Nicola Zreineh – Atta Nasser – Christin Hodali- Mirna Sakhleh

Set design and Technician: Issam Rishmawi

Costumes: Nadine Quomsieh Khair

Production Management: Marina Barham – George   Matar

Project Coordinator: Stefano Grandi / Italy

In Cooperation with Oxfam Italy

Co-Produced by: Al Harah Theater/ Palestine – Teatro Due Mondi / Italy

Funded by: The European Union

‘The European Union is not responsible about the content of the play.’