“Darkness & Light”

A play about family; raises the question about having & caring for a baby by a mother with a total visual impairment, who wishes to start a family.

“She” is a wife who wants to have a baby, and wishes to start a family. Suddenly, she finds herself facing the refusal of her husband to have a child and he demands her to have an abortion; out of fear for her and the baby to be raised and cared for.  To do so he uses all possible ways to persuade her to have an abortion. She faces several challenges and obstacles by her society, through her husband’s figure.  She continues attempting to prove her ability to care for her child, which reaches the point of obsession and control over him.

The play discusses issues of abortion, motherhood and disability.  Disability in its two sides: the obstructor and the disabled; within the context of a loving marital relationship. 

Director: Mohammed Eid

Text: Ghassan Naddaf

Actors: Nicola Zreineh Shareehan Hadweh Mass’ad Hani

Set Production: Issam Rishmawi

Costumes: Wafa Al-Azzeh

Technician: Issam Rishmawi

Music: Selection of world music

Production Manager: George Matar

Produced by: Marina Barham – Al-Harah Theater 2023Funded by: “Disability Under Siege” project

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